• Suho started training under SM Entertainment at the age of 16.
  • Out of all of the EXO-K members, Suho has had the longest training period of 7 years.
  • Suho was formally introduced as a member of EXO on February 15, 2O12.
  • He is currently majoring in acting at Korea National University of Arts.
  • He attended Korea National University of Art & ranked in the top50 of the 400 students in the school at Seoul Gangnam.
  • When Suho was at school, he was always ranked as one of the top five students.
  • As a high school graduation gift, Suho was given an electric piano.
  • Suho’s dad is a professor on Soonchunhyang University.
  • Suho has a brother who went to Sogang University, another prominent school that’s actually ranked first in the nation. 
  • Stage name: “SUHO” which means “Guardian”
  • Birthday: May 22, 1991 [Year of the Sheep]
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Blood type: AB.
  • Shoe size: 25O – 26Omm (smallest among the members)
  • Favorite Number: 8
  • Favorite Colors: Violet and Gold.
  • Favorite Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Favorite Karaoke song: 4men’s Baby Baby
  • Ideal girl: with long straight hair and literary interest, cheerful and tomboyish
  • Motto: “Know yourself”
  • Superpower (Badge): Water
  • Suho has a puppy named Star.
  • “JUNMEN” is the nickname Suho likes best.
  • Suho likes his eyes.
  • Suho likes Funk Rock music.
  • He likes acting and golf.
  • Suho likes Americano coffee.
  • Suho’s first kiss was with his pet iguana.
  • In terms of acting, Suho would like to take on the role of a guy who has the bad boy charm.
  • When asked which physical feature Suho is the most self-confident about, he answered “ALL” 
  • Suho ranked himself 6TH, look-wise, in EXO K.
  • A fan asked in a fansigning event: “Who is the big shot of EXO-K?” He crossed out all the other members’ names and checked off his own.
  • In a fansigning event, a fan asked: “If EXO-K were to compete in MBC’s Idol Athletics Championship, you’d place 1st in this category!” Suho’s answer was: “CLAPPING”
  • In a fansigning event, a fan asked Suho which EXO K member likes sports/exercise and Suho answered “NONE”..
  • A habit Suho has is clearing his throat while saying “Ah! Ah!”
  • When Suho was younger, he used to read the Avengers, Batman, and Superman comic books.
  • Suho once spent the night at a sauna because he and his brother fought.
  • Suho is also known as The Second Siwon.
  • At first sight, Suho had a crush on Luhan.
  • When he first met Tao, he was scared of him.
  • Suho shares room with maknae Sehun.
  • Suho is sensitive to the cold while Sehun is sensitive to heat.
  • Suho and Sehun are the earliest to sleep. One is to grow taller, the other is for beauty sleep.
  • Suho is considered Appa while D.O. is the Umma in Exo K.
  • Suho is the only EXO-K member who is not afraid of bugs 🙂
  • Suho strongly believes that it is still possible for men who are below 30 years old to continue growing taller.
  • Suho wants to have Kai’s teleportation, Luhan’s telekinesis and Tao’s time control.
  • Suho is sometimes called “Sunnouncer” (Suho + Announcer) and “Esuhort” (Suho + Escort).
  • He decided on EXO K’s group cheer which is “EXO K Saranghaja” (Let’s Love).
  • Suho is the richest member in Exo K while Luhan in Exo M.
  • Suho is terrible at rock, paper, scissors. He always loses.
  • In 2007, he appeared on SJ movie, Attack of the Pin-up Boys as one of the bandmates of Yesung.
  • Together with Kai and Chanyeol, Suho appeared on TVXQ’s video, HaHaHa.
  • Suho does not know how to cook with the exception of instant ramen.
  • D.O’s first impression of Suho was that he looked very exemplary and handsome.
  • When Baekhyun first entered SM, Suho bought him bubble tea.
  • Suho likes to pat the other members back to make them calm.
  • Suho was really surprised people knew his real name, like DO. He smiled twice as hard when people said “Joonmyun Oppa, Saranghae”
  • Suho likes to go into D.O.’s room and chat with him but he will get thrown out by Kai every time he does that.
  • Sehun loves to play pranks, so Suho who shares a dorm with him wouldn’t have just suffered a little bit.
  • Suho really listens to D.O.
  • Suho and Sehun both like to drink Milk tea.
  • Suho is someone who has a very good temper so Sehun really cherishes him.
  • He was mentioned by SJ Kyuhyun on his Thanks To messages on Sorry,Sorry, Bonamana, Mr. Simple and SFS albums.

                ► Sorry Sorry Album: To my trainee dongsaeng, JoonMyeon
                ► Bonamana Album: Charming Future Artist JoonMyeon….
                ► Mr. Simple Album: My love Joonmyeon
                ► SFS Album: kindhearted Junmyeonnie (Suho) it starts from now on,

  • He was also mentioned in the SHINee World Album’s ‘Thanks To.’

                ► Jonghyun: I-won’t-write-your-name Joonmyeon ah…
                ► Key: handsome fellow Joonmyeon,
                ► Minho: Thank you Joonmyeon hyung.

  • Also in Lucifer Album:

                ► Onew: Joonmyeon ah himnae.
                ► Jonghyun: Joonmyeon ah, the world is big and has a lot of strong competitors, haha..
                ► Minho: My lovely Joonmyeon, I really treasure you alot, do you know that? Fighting!
                ► Taemin: Ah! Yes, quickly debut(referring to EXO). And you know who I’m talking about right? Little

  • Pinocchio album ‘Thanks To:’

                ► Krystal: Joonmyeon oppa…
                ► Amber: Joonmyeon oppa…

  • Suho can impersonate SHINee’s Jonghyun’s line in “Love Like Oxygen.”
  • Even before debut, Suho’s already close to SHINee’s Jongjhyun, MInho, Taemin. Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Donghae and Kyuhyun.
  • Himchan and EXO-K’s leader, Suho are good friends because they went to the same university. Himchan was also an ex trainee of SM.
  • Suho was the Class President in elementary and Vice Chairman of the student body. Now Leader of EXO K.

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  1. nunpuii berkata:

    suho i love you so so much than all of the people in the world becuse of u i always cries muah8 from your exotics fansss (Alan Lalnunpuii)

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